Take inspiration

from the most beautiful of natural products

Take inspiration

from the most beautiful of natural products

Painted, natural, contemporary, industrial or classic

Whatever style of home or office space you’re looking to improve, Heritage Wood Floors will have the perfect solution. From the most traditional parquet to a cutting edge industrial painted look we will advise and guide you through the process.

Take a look at some of our inspirational wood floors to find out more.

Country Plank
Country Plank
Country Plank
Country Parquet Glooston

Engineered Oak Floor
Great Yeldham, Essex

Wide Oak Warkton Plank
Country Oak Warkton Plank
Old Factory Light Caramel
Bosque Urola
Parquet de Versailles Library, Apethorpe Palace

Tilton Country Plank North Tower, Apethorpe Palace

Bosque Ordessa Kettering

Chevron Orsay

Buckland Country Plank

Country Parquet

Torn Plank, Blar Bedfordshire

Oak floor renovation, Silverston, Northamptonshire

Dark Parquet Solid Oak Herringbone, Kettering, Northamptonshire

Light Grey Campagne, Orlingbury, Northamptonshire

Old Factory Old Brown, Sutton Basset, Leicestershire

Parquet Belgique Marke

We are attracted to wood for a variety of reasons… but possibly a deeper connection is rooted in our subconscious and connects us with our past when we had a closer relationship with nature.

Bosque Oria

Country Plank Naseby

Country Parquet Drayton

Residence Plank Dark Grey

Every floor we source has it’s own unique character that can enhance your home.

Country Parquet Drayton

Country Parquet Kelmarsh

Brushed Plank Barway

Character Grade European Oak Blocks with Satin Lacquer

Pine floor renovation, Slawston, Leicestershire

Parquet Belgique Menen, Kettering, Northamptonshire

Torn Oak, Great Bowden, Leicestershire

Country Parquet Tilton

Country Parquet Harby

Country Plank Slawston

Our real wood floors can add a timeless elegance and practical durability to any room.
Country Plank Holt

Mansion Weave Parque

Old Factory Light Caramel Bruton

Reclaimed Oak boards, Stamford

Parquet Belgique, Kettering, Northamptonshire

Smoked Natural, Rockingham, Corby, Northamptonshire

Oversized Engineered Herringbone, Ilston on the Hill, Leicestershire

Chevron, Marais Bedfordshire

Country Parquet

Campagne Planks Smoked Natural

Painted Engineered Boards.

Renovating an existing floor not only has fantastic visual and ecological results, it can be up to 40% less expensive than installing a new floor.

Old Factory Metal Detail

Fumed and White Oiled Herringbone Engineered Parquet. Ashwell, Oakham

American Black Walnut. Hertfordshire

Fumed and White Oiled Engineerd Boards. Oxfordshire

Light Grey Engineered Solid Oak Boards. Orlingbury, Northamptonshire

Old Grey Old Factory.
Medbourne, Leicestershire

Dark Engineered Oak.
Burnham Market, Norfolk

A floor is a key element in any architectural space, and a real wood floor can offer an unparalleled warmth and style.

Brushed & Oiled Engineered Boards. Lutterworth, Leicestershire

Fumed and White Oiled Herringbone Engineered Parquet. Ashwell, Oakham

Country Plank, Ilston Bedfordshire

Oversized Engineered Herringbone Parquet.
Illston On The Hill, Leicesterhire

Engineered Chevron Brushed Fumed and White Oiled.
Dingley, Leicestershire