Torn Plank Collection

Deep textured wood that’s as soft as silk on your feet.

Torn Plank Collection

Deep textured wood that’s as soft as silk on your feet.
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A wood floor experience

Superlatives cannot do justice to this new range of wood floors in our portfolio. Astonishingly beautiful and captivating is a start but it is hard to put into words the raw natural beauty of these boards. You would expect such rugged looking boards to feel rough however you soon discover that despite the wood being incredibly textured they feel as smooth as silk.

The surface of the wood has to be experienced by touching it to be fully appreciated. These boards are wood in 3D. Much of the growth characteristics such as knots and burrs are raised from the surface of the boards and the beauty and intricacy is revealed in a way in which only weathered timeworn ancient timbers can be.

Available in engineered planks 220mm wide.

Torn Plank Blar

Quarter sawn oak

Quarter sawn is a term used to describe the way logs are sawn into planks. It is expensive due to the fact that it needs more labour and creates more waste however this method of cutting logs often reveals the medullary rays also known as ‘figure’ which is prized for its decorative and attractive markings often used in panels of oak furniture. Figure is normally in the wood but with these boards it is actually raised from the surface of the wood and looks like little ripples or flecks of gold or silver on top of the boards.

Torn Plank Stein


The overall appearance of these boards is that they are hewn from ancient timbers. They are in fact made using specialist techniques that split the timber more so than cutting it similar to the way that an axe splits wood along its grain following lines of weakness. These boards are unique in that despite giving the appearance of ancient timbers are actually engineered with the solid oak wear layer being cut from oak sleepers from the heart of oak trees. Suitable for engineered flooring.