Bringing back to life the timeless quality of a real wood floor can create the most spectacular of results.


Bringing back to life the timeless quality of a real wood floor can create the most spectacular of results.

Bringing new life to old wood

Over the years, we have transformed literally thousands of square metres of old and neglected wooden floors back to their former glory, and in many cases better than their original state. Whether we are restoring a floor in a domestic barn conversion, bringing back the beauty of a classic hallway parquet or working on a prestigious large scale historical project such as Apethorpe Palace in Northamptonshire, with our years of skill and experience you will be amazed at the results we can achieve from an old floor.

There can be no denying that real wood is a beautiful resource, and the skills and techniques of our craftsmen will result in this beauty being revealed ready to be enjoyed again. We are experts in the fine art of sanding and bespoke finishing, with many years of experience enabling us to complete a project that will surpass your expectations.

Clean and efficient

Superb attention to detail

Quicker, cleaner, more cost efficient

Quite simply we excel in the renovation of old floors. With both a commercial and domestic proven track record throughout the UK of transforming damaged or neglected wooden floors, we use the latest equipment and dust containing systems to ensure a project is undertaken cleanly and efficiently with the least amount of disruption possible.

With our unparalleled attention to detail across many types of wood, your floor can be renovated to a superb level, often at a fraction of the cost of installing a new floor. The finished result is a floor that is not only beautiful, but one that is durable and ready for another generation to enjoy.


One of the most exciting things to happen to wood floors over the recent years is the advancement in style and technology involved with the finishes that can be applied once they have been sanded. Lacquers are now light years apart from the old fashioned high VOC gloss types, that make the wood look as if it is covered in layers of plastic. Their modern counterparts are environmentally friendly with a range of sheen levels including contemporary ultra matt and soft delicate sheens. There are also a range of lacquers which, whilst giving the wood maximum protection, give the wood an unfinished appearance to create a stunning, completely natural look.

Apart from well established classic colours associated with traditional styled wood floors there are now available colours to match almost any contemporary colour scheme. There has never been a better time for an ordinary factory finished wood floor to be completed transformed to an object of real style and beauty.

Renovating instead of replacing

The results show immense savings of energy and reduced carbon footprint when comparing refinishing versus replacing floors. Renovation not only offers long-term benefits for the environment, but also cost savings, as well as increased floor hygiene. Additionally, modern innovations from Bona provides total design freedom, making it possible to create a new expression when renovating a floor, without the need to replace it. All to create a brighter floor future.

40% cost savings

When comparing costs for renovated floor with a new installation, it is important to consider all actions involved. The square metre cost of new floor is only one part of an installation calculation, so to make a fair calculation comparison you need to include labour costs for ripping out the existing floor, preparation of subfloor, removing and re-mounting skirting boards etc. A renovation of a wood or resilient floor works out to be at least 40% less expensive compared to installing a new floor.

Extending the lifetime of a floor

A wooden floor is expected to last for about 15 years before it needs to be refinished or replaced. However, a wooden floor can be refinished up to 4 times, which means it can last for 60 years. Considering the significant environmental and cost savings that comes with just one renovation, the benefits are considerable when looked at from a long-term perspective.

Contact us to find out more about how a floor can be tailored to your exact specifications.

Consistently achieving perfect results

Expert finishing is key

Brushing technology

In our opinion brushing technology is the most exciting addition to the world of wood floor renovation. For far too long many wood floors have been created with function over form and where the main event was the functionality of how a wood floor performs in regards to hygiene and maintenance with only a fleeting regard to its aesthetic value.

As soon as wood has texture one really begins to see the natural beauty of timber. This means that almost any wood floor as long as it has a decent solid wood later of 4mm or more can reveal the true potential of a wood floor.

Essentially the latest state of the art sanding machines such as the Bona Flexisand transform wood floors enabling all the beautiful features of timber to be discovered.

How does it work?

The Bona Flexisand has a series of wire brushes mades from coarse steel through to softer nylon which abrade the surface of the timber floor in a rotary motion. The rotating brushes grind into the wood floor and remove softer parts of the timber found in the grain of the timber.This gives the wood floor a texture and a 3 dimensional nature.Although the wood may look rough it feels as soft as silk due to the progression of hard through to soft brushing attachments involved in the brushing process.

Not only are brushed wood floors amazingly beautiful to behold they are also incredibly tactile and are a real pleasure to walk on and touch.

Oak responds incredibly well to this process due to its many natural characteristics.

Apethorpe Palace, Northamptonshire.

Looking after floors with history
Over many year years Heritage Wood Floors have had the pleasure and good fortune to have worked in some of the most prestigious listed properties throughout the UK. A recent one being the renovation of existing wood floors and fitting of new oak flooring for Apethorpe Palace in Northamptonshire. Our years of of experience and deep rooted knowledge, coupled with many years of experience and research are invaluable in understanding the correct approach when looking after ancient wood floors, or when undertaking the creation and fitting of new complementary floors appropriate for such celebrated spaces.